LKO 0.00% 0.2¢ lakes oil nl


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    I think we need to remember that what LKO is trying to do is not easy and it is costly.

    So maybe we need to give management a bit more time

    The W.A Government has given ssistance to tight gas explorers in WA and maybe the Victorian Government should do the same in Vic.

    This is from BP internet site
    First the good news. Around the world there remain thousands of trillions of cubic feet of natural gas that could be produced to supplement the world's energy supplies. But there is a catch. These particular gas resources are very difficult to produce. The reason? The gas is 'unconventional'. It is held in tight reservoirs where the permeability of the reservoir rocks - that is, their capacity for transmitting fluids - is so low that the gas molecules cannot flow into production wells without help. Conventional gas reserves flow unassisted.

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