boy kidnapped from thai hospital

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    Boy kidnapped from Thai hospital
    From correspondents in Stockholm
    January 4, 2005

    A 12-year-old Swedish boy injured in the tsunami which struck South-East Asia may have been kidnapped from a hospital in Thailand, a Swedish newspaper reported.

    Mystery ... Kristian Walker has disappeared from a Thai hospital.

    Swedish and Thai police are cooperating to find the boy, Kristian Walker, the Expressen newspaper said.

    “Kristian was here in the hospital. He was taken away by a man,” the paper quoted Kampongsree Somprutthana, a hospital doctor, as saying.

    Kristian's father, Dan Walker, and his grandfather, Daniel Walker, found several witnesses who recognised the boy who mysteriously disappeared from the hospital, 30km from Khao Lak, one of Thailand's worst-hit holiday resorts.

    The man he may have left with was described as “European-looking, with a moustache and a red shirt”.

    Two Swedish police officers are on their way to Thailand to help find Kristian, Expressen said.

    The report comes a day after the Swedish branch of non-governmental organisation Save the Children, Raedda Barnen, warned that children who ended up alone after the natural disaster were potential targets for sexual abuse by pedophiles.

    “The experience from other catastrophes is that children are particularly vulnerable,” Raedda Barnen managing director Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, said. There were already “indications” that surviving children had been sexually abused in Sri Lanka, one of the countries suffering worst from the tsunami, Ms Petri Gornitzka said.

    Agence France-Presse


    If this unfortunate child has indeed been kidnapped by a low life paedaphile, I sincerely hope that when caught, the Thai government execute the parasite as he no doubt deserves.

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