The Australian.. Chris Bowen tells new home owners “ Don’t worry...

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    The Australian.. Chris Bowen tells new home owners “ Don’t worry if your house price falls into negative territory “

    Is this man the biggest idiot ever in Parliament. Telling young homeowners that he will purposely destroy the deposit that they worked and saved for. Often taking many years of scrimping and scrounging to get a Deposit together,

    These people also worked extra hours , shifts and jobs, perhaps borrowing money off of family to get that deposit together.

    It’s easy to see why Labor have kept Bowen locked in solitary confinement for the campaign. If they win the election he will be let loose on the Australian economy.

    His arrogance and complete disregard for new homeowners is disgusting. It’s hard to believe that any decent Australian could vote for this arrogant fool.

    Keating gave us 11% unemployment and massive home and business foreclosures. But that will look like economic boom time compared to the devastation that Shorten and Bowen will deliver,

    I hope any Labor Voters ( who actually do work) enjoy your unemployment .
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