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BOUNCE for the rest of the week ?

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    Looking at the today price, the bounce may take place in the next couple of days.

    In my opinion most investors already predicted that the result of the second production test may be quite similar than the result of the first test, so they have FACTORED IN the upcoming result to the current HDR price.

    Hence tomorrow result may not have ANY major impact to the HDR price.

    As we are all know, sand production is not a big concern as it's commonly happen during production test. Actually this is a good sign as it represent a working deep water oil system. What is important now, we know that Chinquetti is commercially viable and that it flows oil !! Several modification to the production well is possible in order to achieve a daily flow rate of more than 10000 b/day.

    This is a fact, and not ramping.

    Current price represent a very good entry point for medium and long term holders.

    I'm holding HDR

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Currently unlisted public company.

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