bought the serpent today - hope it won't bite me !

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    Thought i would buy into the Nickel run again after having some luck last week trading with IGO and MCR.

    Jumped into some ANL at .064c today.
    Figured that they will not get much lower on the premise that we know the preditor fund M/P has quit the contest for ANL.

    M/P have /had around 600 mill of the total 2900 mill ANL shares @ an average price of around .064

    From what i learnt these 600 mill must be put up for auction /placement/ disposal.

    With Ni regaining lost ground and closing in on $8500 p.tonne and looking like regaining the highs of $90000 again soon this may/should offset any losses through appriciating AU $.

    I'm keen to get more tomorrow.

    Any opinions r welcomed , even comments that i need my head read will be welcomed !!!!

    What r those men in white coats doing outside my house ??? LOL
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