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    well im sure the banks wouldn't have a use for your gold. its basically worthless and doesn't return anything!!

    nice thread though. i'm in the same position. bearish on property and was planning to wait until 2015 but unsure if i can wait that long because of the missus. hadn't considered a hedge like that. i guess my hedge is to save hard and wait as long as possible, expecting that my savings and property prices will converge. the hedge is the greater starting equity i suppose.

    i want to buy a house as a home and now, counter-intuitively, i'm looking at spending more on a house that i really love because i truly don't think i'll be in a position to upgrade from the 1st home stepping stone in say 5 years. it was a good strategy once to grow equity and upgrade but not any more. i know prices are going down. i know i'll be stuck with my mortgage, so i'd better damn well be in love with my place while we go through this secular bear!
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