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The way I see it is this. If the results are bang on regarding...

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    The way I see it is this. If the results are bang on regarding method of action proof for BTX 1308 and there is positive efficacy shown against competitor steroid drug, I would expect BOT to trade 30 to 50 percent higher than where it currently is which would could give it a market cap up to 150 million.

    As i have said before from a source I trust who is close to the company, they will not be doing a cap raise, at least not immediately, following the psoriosis results.
    What does this mean? What are their options to fund phase 2 psoriosis? Couple of options really. There may be an announcement shortly after psoriosis results saying they have found a partner to fund the trial and it could be our first deal which would see the share price rocket up. Or we might have the result and then hear rhetoric like " botanix actively seeks out licencing partners to progress the phase 2 trial " etc etc and a partner comes on board later with psoriosis phase 2 on ice untill then. Or they strategically wait intill phase 2 BTX 1503 (acne) results are out in Sept/Oct and do a cap raising at a significantly higher price than its currently trading at.

    I would expect a similar market cap to stocks like Paradigm if phase 2 acne is a sucess so it should trade in the range of 200-300 million by that stage. Once we are part of the ASX 300 we may also be picked up by some fundies as well and see some agressive buying action.

    So while some people will be locking in some profit on positive news after psoriosis results (which i fully respect, as things can change very quickly in this sector) I will be holding out untill the deals start happening. Everything anecdotally plus what we've seen clinically so far suggest positive results so Im riding this all the way.

    On another note it is great to see everyone positive and this is the busiest I have seen the BOT forum for a while...especially on weekends. Its an exciting stock and if they knock all 4 pins down, BOT could (and should) become and ASX monster. Good luck to everyone.
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