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Hi Elke, I hear you and I think that your feelings are shared by...

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    Hi Elke, I hear you and I think that your feelings are shared by many, yet we can't really blame management: they had proof of concept based on a conspicuous scientific literature, they had successful phase 1 trials and a 'MOA' study for psoriasis(?).... so the least it can be said is that there was evident 'bona fide' from management to pursue the AD program. What they lacked was an extra level of consideration to the workings of the cannabinoid in the skin, to the 'signalling' that the CBD was meant to induce: it just didn't happen with the AD trial, there was 'no signal' from the CBD for the skin to heal.
    This doesn't mean that BOT can't deliver ten-folds on the current sp, it may if the antimicrobial and the acne programs are successful.
    For now, it is a trading stock, IMO, and - speaking for myself (no financial advice etc.) - that's what I'm doing: I've divested from BOT to buy/trade other stocks which I think may appreciate faster - for now.
    There should be an announcement sometime before the end of June about the FDA meeting that may see a bit of sp action, plus some progress from the rosacea and the antimicrobial programs may be announced later this Q..... or the next.
    I certainly think that it' ll be worth holding shares in BOT when those announcements come - though I wont be holding just as many as I used to.
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