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Jalaluddin, Bigfella and others,thanks for the comments, sharing...

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    Jalaluddin, Bigfella and others,
    thanks for the comments, sharing some research here is a good thing but let me start by saying that I still think that BOT may reach $1 per share one day but it'll be more like 2024/25 IMHO.
    At the very end you'll find a link to an analyst report for Destiny Pharma from 2018 - that as you probably know - is ahead of BOT in developing an antimicrobial-pre surgery ointment. Anyhow, from that analysis one can conclude that BTX1801 can indeed be a company maker. But lets not get ourselves too carried away because, when looking at the current MC of Destiny Pharma (about $30m), euphoria may get deflated.

    Yes BTX1081 kills the gram-positive bacteria but that is the strain of most - "good"- bacteria of the nasal microbiota.
    Indeed it can be argued that that's reason way up to 10% of patients treated with Bactroban (mupirocin) go on to develop sinusitis and rhinitis is because those bacterial too are wiped out in the process.

    More to the point: just like there's been a paradigmatic shift in fighting cancer via immunotherapies, so - as you are aware - there's a shift in considering the role of the human microbiome in fighting a number of ailments.

    The findings of some recent studies are quite something:

    "...we show thatCorynebacterium pseudodiphtheriticum, a common member of the normal nasal microbiota, mediates contact-independent bactericidal activity againstS. aureus, including methicillin-resistantS. aureus(MRSA)."


    "There is increasing evidence that indicates that resident bacteria play a role; some commensal species can eradicateS. aureusfrom the nasal cavity. Among these,Corynebacterium pseudodiphtheriticumcan eliminateS. aureusfrom the human nose. We sought to understand this phenomenon at a molecular level and found thatC. pseudodiphtheriticumproduces a factor(s) that specifically killsS. aureusWhile resistantS. aureusisolates were recovered at a low frequency, resistance came at the cost of attenuated virulence in these strains. Molecular dissection of the specific strategies used byC. pseudodiphtheriticumto killS. aureus could lead to the development of novel treatments or therapies. Furthermore, commensal competition that requires virulence components of the competitor may represent an exciting and unexplored possibility for development of novel antimicrobial compounds. "

    .....also a study from earlier this year:

    "The effects of a 1-week administration of a probiotic product composed of a combination of Streptococcus salivarius 24SMBc and Streptococcus oralis 89a, on the nostril microbiota were evaluated using a next-generation sequencing approach. A significant decrease in S. aureus abundance was detected immediately after the probiotic administration, and there was an increase in the total number of beneficial microorganisms which could limit the overgrowth of potential pathogens.69"

    Another thing that investors need to keep in mind is that is a phase2a and -if succesful- will than lead into a pivotal clinical study involving patients undergoing surgery, for FDA registration. When looking at Destiny Pharma current trial.... appears (IMO) that a considerable CR will be needed just for the phase-2b of BTX1801 to take off....

    BOT will get to $1 per share and perhaps more but there'll be massive dilution (IMO), so it's your money and GLTH, the last link from a 2018 analysis of D.P. that - although things have gone south since then - can help making the case that BTX1801 can be indeed a company maker by itself.....- just not yet IMHO.

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