Man take a chill pill.Your putting the cart before the horse.You...

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    Man take a chill pill.
    Your putting the cart before the horse.
    You yourself said we are only at a very low uptake of EV’s right?
    We are we in uncharted waters.
    When we reach a higher percentage of EV’s and the electricity grid gets stressed then alternatives for power generation might need to be looked at.
    As I said previously, new technology is being implemented all the time. We might need to look at nuclear again. There might be a break through in fission tech who knows?
    Someone of your vintage would have already seen leaps and bounds in new technology over your life span. Advancement in new tech is advancing exponentially. Ok!!
    The market forces will determine the pace of uptake of EV’s!!!
    Don’t worry about it. EV’s are happening! Like it or not.
    Now you can do 1 of 2 things.
    Whinge about how it can’t be done.
    Or try and find solutions to help the transition!
    You seem to know a lot about electricity!
    Help find a solution!

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