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    Hi all,

    I am really pleased that largely due to the efforts of this
    forum I have found some nice boring stocks to investigate.

    First I go to the ASX webpage and download annual reports, announcements etc, and read them.

    Then I track down broker research and read it top to

    In this market you can be like the US sailor in the King's Cross strip joint who said "I am from Missouri, I want to see it all". You dont have to buy a stock unless everything is right.

    So what have I looked at

    Consolidated Minerals - to me this looks like the little bears porridge, just right.

    Strong management

    very focussed company

    Strong balance sheet

    Growth in earnings to come

    high dividend yield and low PE

    fully franked.

    Jubilee Mines

    This one I am not so sure about. The mine only has a life of about eight years. But I will be doing more research. My other reservation is a rather sophisticated
    one. Jubilee produces nickel. Consolidated Minerals produces manganese and chromium. All three are predominently used by the steel industry. If I buy both companies I am raising my exposure to the steel industry to a greater exposure than I am comfortable with.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch I am researching Hills (the mobs that make the clothes lines). This suggestion came from my broker. More work to be done but it looks interesting.

    So please everybody when you see a stock which looks great on fundamentals put a posting on the site

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