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boom bust for cus or chinese takaway

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    Gonesolow here: Gee thank god for parent nights. Although this is only one persons opinion, it nice to see one. Well done Sergeant thanks for the feedback – howd your kids go?

    Keep up the verbage.

    Does anyone really know what will come of these RBA reforms and how they will impact on CUS and others?

    As for Macquire... Macquire sold because as Kerry Packer put it with Alan Bond over channel-9 etc etc.... the offer was too good to refuse. Remember it was overvalued then and I think Baker is paying for it now, all in the name of much needed market penetration.

    The current share price does not reflect potential earnings and the market has costed this in. If there were any chance that CUS was a potential target the S/P wouldn't be this low.

    Call me a cynic but the best CUS has ever achieved is 33 odd cents in Apr 06. Since then it has been all down hill.

    However, you know my position re CUS, it's Fintronics, but I still support the strategy even though mine is in China.
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