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    Bravo for starting this thread!
    Books are so great- we read & are forced to create a whole world by word alone.
    The writer describes a character as such & such, our brains translate that in to what we think is correct.

    I’m currently reading Spartan by Conn Iggulden, enjoying it very much as I have so many other books he has written. The mix of historical fact and novel really appeals to me.

    One book I’ve read & reread many times is ‘the Gallic campaigns’ by Caesar, ( or Tacitus, as it seems that Caesar may have been a bit busy to actually write his own books ).

    Erwin Rommel’s biography is a good read too.

    I like the part you shared about the bicycle- it really does make sense when we think of what is being said. One that always gives me a chuckle is the... regret? of : ‘whoever invented pockets for dresses is to blame for all this feminism! Once women had pockets, they started wanting things of their own!’

    Books are awesome! Please don’t hesitate to share what kind of books & which authors you like yourself if reading this thread/post!
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