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    For those interested

    Here is a short resume on few interesting books on trading ideas based on Astro Cycle and Gann theories
    most importantly Time ,

    Link Below

    Books Link"

    2003 A TRADER'S ASTROLOGICAL ALMANAC Editor in Chief Jeanne Long

    This book is written for traders - no previous knowledge of planetary cycles is needed to obtain the maximum benefit. Planetary reversal dates (= market reversal dates) are marked in calendar format in this easy-to-use book. Filled with technical articles from the World's top financial analysts and researchers who use planetary cycles, illustrating astro-trading-tools to give you the edge in your trading and investing. Includes Major astronomical phenomena for 2002. Planetary reversal dates for U.S. markets, commodities and DJIA, plus Asian, Australian and British stock markets, Geo and Helio Ephemeris and high energy dates for all of 2000. $95.00

    by Jeanne Long
    A technique for trading commodities using geocosmic energy fields with technical analysis. No expert knowledge of astrology is needed to follow the actual trading plans set out in this best-selling book. Jeanne Long walks you through each trade, step by simple step. Includes Astrotiming, Retrogrades and Direct, Moon phases and Eclipses. Working in harmony with these standard technical tools: Key Reversals, 45° Gann Line, Long Term Trendline, 2 Day Reversals, Short Trend Lines and Major Support and Resistance Areas. 79 pages. $50.00

    Terrific articles in past almanacs are valuable for additional astro-trading tools. 1989 to 2001. A few copies are still available and quickly becoming a real collector's item. Great for researching purposes. $10.00 each

    By Jeanne Long
    This book is a blockbuster breakthrough on planetary positions related to certain market prices. The Universal Clock is the Wheel of 24. This book updates and expands upon W. D. Gann's mysterious Wheel of 24. Jeanne Long gives clear instructions in a practical manner for the mathematical calculations that will enable you to plug into this predictive tool. Featuring forecasts for prices on specific dates, planetary support and resistance lines, astronomical channel lines and planetary cycle dates. Works on all markets and stocks. Actual examples on Soybeans, Wheat, Swiss Franc, D. Mark, Japanese Yen, British £, DJIA, S&P, Oil, Silver, Gold, and more. 139 pages plus supplements and large charts. $144.00

    by Clif Droke ($29.95 plus shipping).
    Despite advances in everything from technology to communications, Gann's groundbreaking concepts continue to be viable, influencing today's most successful investors. While his work is considered complex, often dense and difficult for many to decipher, Clif Droke provides an excellent overview of Gann's seminal theories making them understandable and accessible to a new legion of followers. Gann's contributions to the field of technical analysis and trading are truly staggering and now, this hands-on manual helps new and experienced trader's alike discover how to apply his winning methods to their own investing success. You'll find *The basic foundations of Gann theory, *The type of chart Gann felt was the most important - and why, *Gann's special swing charting approach, *Gann's 24 Never Failing Trading Rules, *How he explains support and resistance - and much more. Learn how this guru - who was trading well before WWI - can improve your trading today, using a "simplified" approach to Gann's classic trading tenets. (153 pages)

    Business Astrology 101 - Weaving the Web Between Business and Myth
    by Georgia Stathis ($39.95 plus shipping).
    For STUDENTS OF ASTROLOGY who wish to explore delineation techniques of Business Astrology, Georgia Stathis presents some observations of 20+ years working with clients.
    BOOK REVIEW BY BILL MERIDIAN: Many times over the last 20 years, people have asked me where to find a basic book to introduce them to the application of astrology to business. I can now recommend "Business Astrology 101" by Georgia Stathis. Georgia explains how astrology can be utilized on many different levels. Business Astrology 101 begins by explaining the basics that the newcomer needs to know such as elements, qualities, solstice points, rulerships, houses and synodic cycles. The last subject is of particular interest in determining longer-term trends. The third section of the book will be of great interest to both the beginner and the experienced astrologer: techniques and strategies. Planning is related to the lunar cycle, and Jupiter and Saturn are related to the career cycle. There is a chapter about reading the horoscope of incorporation, a much-needed addition to the body of knowledge. The case studies are very interesting, such as that of Johnson & Johnson and the Tylenol crisis. Another chapter deals with the real estate cycle and the process of the real estate transaction. Many of the lessons are illustrated in two case studies of two careers. In the appendices, there are worksheets for vocation, corporations, real estate, and annual planning. There is also a business questionnaire to aid the astrologer in focusing on the client's needs and in gathering data.
    The book is very well-written in an easy and alluring style. I found myself gliding effortlessly from page to page. The advice is extraordinary in the sense that it is both practical and still taps into the author's depth in mythology and psychology. Georgia opens up by connecting the fear of growth to Saturn and to Maslow's need hierarchy. Chapter 5 relates the mythological signatures of the planets to the roles that they play in the business world. My feeling when I reached the last page - it was not long enough. I was left with the feeling that Georgia has a lot more to teach us. So we look forward to her next book.
    (408 pages)

    Detecting High Profit Day Trades In The Futures Markets
    by John T. Jackson. Two Book Set ($69.95 plus shipping)
    J. T. Jackson has merged insider knowledge of floor-trader target price points... with a readily accessible measure of the market's "pent-up energy"... to create an extraordinarily powerful Master Plan Day Trade Strategy. A Day Trade Battle Plan that not only sets you up with the highest probability, high profit day trades out there... but, also lets you sit at home and KNOW which "floor trader price points" will hold (and which won't). And he's brought it all together under one roof in this fascinating new book. Mr. Jackson's original concepts of Zone Analysis has become a Day Trader's tool of value. Based on yesterday's close and today's open, it is now possible to obtain mathematical probabilities of support and resistance areas holding or failing. Based on Statistical Percentages, the 10-year backtest of ALL American Commodity Futures makes this a must if you are a Day Trader.
    The original book was published in 1994. It introduced the creation of distinct time-price zones for each trading day in a market. Data were derived for six periods during each trading day, which permits the application of statistical determinations of Zone Pattern Probabilities. The elements observed are the dynamics of price-level support or resistance and the frequency at which the respective levels are reached. For a detailed explanation of combining zones and probability, close-open patterns, the probability distribution table, and trade selection and placement, refer to the original publication.
    The 2002 update contains descriptions of new areas of interest and expanded uses for the results of Zone Pattern Probability Analysis. This update contains new Probability Tables for 21 domestic markets and 10 major global markets, and covers Zones and Multiple Time Frame Analysis

    By Danton Long
    Mr. Long explains how W. D. Gann traded and forecast future prices on specific dates. The Price Point System is based on W. D. Gann's rather obscure wheel of 24. If you already use Gann's time counts, but find them often off by several days or points, these books are for you. They explain the correct points from which to start your calculations to give the exact future price and date.
    The Basic Price Point System: Gives correct Price Points for all markets. Improves your entry and exit from market positions using Price Points. Use Price Points with simple technical tools or combine them with your own trading system. 123 pages. (was $79.00) $60.00
    The Advanced Price Point System: Fibonacci projections from exact Price Points give exact future dates and prices. Includes Fibonacci Trend Lines, Multiple Time Frames, Exact Entry, Exit and Stop parameters, and Price Point Support and Resistance zones. 250 pages. (was $499.00) $335.00 SPECIAL OFFER: Both books $350.00 for a limited time only.

    By Claude M. Bristol
    Whether you want an increased income, a new home, a better job, a happier marriage, or simply a good night's sleep... this book tells you how. Written by a hardheaded businessman who saw these methods work for himself and hundreds of other successful people, this book shows you: * How you become what you contemplate. * Why hard work alone will not bring success. * How to bring the subconscious into practical action. * How to use the "law of suggestion" to step-up your effectiveness in everything you do. * How to use the "mirror technique" for releasing the forces of the subconscious. * How to turn your thoughts into achievements. * How belief makes things happen.
    Harness the unlimited energies of your subconscious mind. Make yourself more competent in your affairs, more influential in your dealings with others - in short, more successful in life. $6.00

    By Neil F. Michelson
    This book is an absolute MUST for the market researcher. You can quickly check any planetary phenomena to see how the market responded to it on previous occurrences. For the even more avid researcher, you can check , for example, planetary ingresses from 501 BC through AD 2100. All Eclipse Data is given from 1700 through 2050. This information alone of knowing the Eclipse degrees at a glance for 1900-2000 is worth the price of the book. Look at dates other planets cross these Eclipse degrees and how the market responds at that time. You will be amazed. MUCH MORE * Retrogrades and Direct dates (Planetary Stations) are listed from 1700-2050 * Lunar Phases 1900-2020 * Yearly mean Sunspot Numbers * Daily Sunspot Numbers * Major Magnetic Storms * Perihelions and Aphelions 1700-2050 * Conjunction dates of outer planets 501 BC - AD 2100 * All major aspect dates of outer planets 1700-2050 * Explanatory articles on all features * This amazing volume has a wealth of information for the researcher, teacher and student. Whether you are interested in history, market cycles, planetary patterns, etc., this book has something for you. $29.95

    By Grace K. Morris, M.A.
    This book explains the step-by-step process of choosing stocks that will do well in the year ahead. Using the Astro Economics® system, the author tells you what to look for in the stock's incorporation chart and IPO (Initial Public Offering) chart. Included are charts of stocks that will do well in 2000 as well as upcoming money making trends. Special price in this catalog: $48.50

    Published and written by Grace K. Morris, M.A.
    This monthly newsletter analyzes a stock, with charts of its incorporation and IPO dates, and makes recommendations for its purchase. Information about the trend of groups of stocks and an update on stocks previously recommended are part of the newsletter. You can request a FREE copy by fax: 708-425-7380 or by calling 630-684-2271.

    By Tony Plummer
    This book analyzes why price movements follow specific rules. Tony Plummer demonstrates the validity of these rules and offers detailed explanations of how they can be used to gain a fuller understanding of financial market behavior. He defines the emotional element which exists in investment decisions. He argues that the individual investor is inevitably influenced by the attitudes of other investors, leading to a crowd mentality. Mr. Plummer encourages the use of technical analysis to forecast price trends using price-time charts. This book adopts a fresh and innovative approach to a complex subject and is essential for professional investors and traders, financial advisors and analysts and students seeking a greater understanding of the way in which financial markets behave. $45.00

    FORECASTS 2000
    By Raymond A. Merriman
    A unique and fascinating overview of the year 2000. Special attention upon cycles and geocosmic signatures related to world and national economy, stock and precious metals markets, interest rates, the USA and its President, the Federal Reserve Board, weather patterns and grain markets. Raymond Merriman is well-versed in the language of both market analysis and astrology. He has served as a Commodity Specialist for Prudential Securities (1986-87), an Investment Executive for Shearson Lehman Hutton, formerly E.F. Hutton (1987-90), and as an Accounts Vice-President of Retail Commodity Futures with Paine Webber (1990-94). $25.00

    The Basics
    By Raymond A. Merriman
    This book is a comprehensive and easily understandable guide on how to apply the study of cycles to enhance trading and investing in financial markets. There is an old saying that "timing is everything" in markets, and knowledge of cycles provides the most useful of all market timing tools. However, market cycles provides more than just a consistent interval of time between two highs or lows. They unfold in well-defined patterns. These patterns enable the trader to know the phasing of any given cycle, and when the market is offering a great, or average, or not-so-great risk/reward possibility. Furthermore, cycles sometimes fall outside the "normal" time band for their expected high or low due to a phenomenon known as "distortion." These patterns, and times of "distortion," can be forecasted as "distortion." These patterns, and times of "distortion," can be forecasted by applying the principles of cycles which are clearly explained and illustrated in this unique book. Raymond Merriman is a professional market analyst and trader. He is the editor of MMA Cycles Report, a market advisory service used by financial institutions, banks, large and small traders, throughout the world since 1981. $37.50

    By Raymond A. Merriman
    Now, for the first time, an intensive study on the correlation of gold price cycles to geocosmic cycles appears in published form. Raymond A. Merriman, publisher of the M.M.A. Market Newsletter, reveals the results of years of intensive research which has yielded 147 correlations with reliability factors exceeding 70%. This book is packed with information on how to spot long and short-term cycles in the gold market. $95.00

    THE SUN, THE MOON AND THE SILVER MARKET - Secrets Of A Silver Trader
    By Raymond A. Merriman
    This book validates a secret which astute commodity traders have known for a long time: celestial mechanics is the most valuable market timing tool known to humankind. Discover: the importance of isolated highs and lows, which Sun/Moon sign combinations correspond to these highs and lows, the important "Sagittarius Factor", the importance of planetary stations, which planetary aspects correspond to the impressive reversals in Silver prices, how to integrate technical studies with geocosmic signatures to ascertain the optimal time for entry, 10 trading tips to increase profit potential and how to accurately time a major reversal in any market. $75.00

    This book is highly recommended for the serious financial astrology student who is research oriented. Dr. Richter's book looks at short term planetary cycles of just a few days, to long term cycles of 534 days. Heliocentric Mars cycles, Mercury cycles, Saturn/Pluto cycles are just a few covered in this important book. $21.00

    By "New Market Wizard" Robert Krausz, MH.BCHE
    Poor Execution? Analysis? Lack of Knowledge? Lack of Confidence? No Trading Plan? Personal Problems? Fear of Loss? Not Devoting Enough Time?
    Disciplined trading is virtually impossible until there is HARMONY between your desire to be a successful trader and your subconscious mind. These Deep Relaxation tapes help to reach your subconscious mind to overcome the problems you may face with trading and are highly effective, providing you have done your homework and have a valid trading plan. These tapes are NOT subliminals. You can hear every word clearly on these high quality Dolby, chrome tapes recorded in stereophonic sound. The package includes two tapes and a booklet with explanation and clear instructions. Deep relaxation tapes use the latest techniques to program your mind for confident trading.
    Tapes and Instruction Booklet $99.00
    + $6.00 shipping USA
    + $15.00 shipping Overseas

    By Bill Meridian
    This book is a must if you invest in stocks. 1,000 accurate first trade horoscopes, with time and date of first trade for stocks on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, compiled by a professional fund manager from hard to obtain data. Full examples and case studies of IBM, Cisco, United, Goodyear, and many, many more. How to determine bullish and bearish aspects. What to look for in stocks that are primed to move. Bill Meridian is an international lecturer on financial astrology and is currently a fund manager in the Middle East. $50.00

    By Robert Koppel and Howard Abell
    For the first time ever, here is a book which shows you how to master the psychological skills that are essential to successful trading. This book provides a blueprint for you to model the beliefs, mental strategies, and internal dialogues of the best traders in the world. Armed with these skills, there is no limit to how successful you can be. Through detailed exercises and illuminating examples, the book provides the tools to change your beliefs, sharpen your focus and bolster your confidence. In researching this fascinating book, the authors interviewed dozens of the world's top traders. The result is an insightful, colorful book that reflects the collective wisdom of the best traders in the business. $37.50

    By Robert Koppel and Howard Abell
    In their first book, The Inner Game of Trading, the authors provided traders with a step-by-step program to develop the behaviors and inner confidence that are the foundations of trading success. Now, in The Outer Game of Trading, they provide the other half of the equation: namely, the systems and strategies to identify high-profit trades. This book describes the systems that are used every day by some of the top traders in the world. Systems for day-trading, systems for trading spreads, systems for options trading and much more. In this book you will learn how top options trader Tony Saliba formulates his strategy every day, how Jeffrey Silverman combines fundamental and technical analysis to catch huge trades, how Robin Mesch uses Drummond Geometry to spot opportunities, and how floor trader Don Sliter has produced 100 consecutive winning months in the S&P pit. $37.50

    By Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan
    This is a fascinating, easy-to-read and fast-paced true story of a commodity trader's meteoric rise from poor country boy to jet-setting millionaire and Governor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It is an insightful examination of the lessons he learned from the harrowing million dollar loss in the market which brought him crashing down. From anecdotes that are by turn amusing and hair-raising, you will vicariously experience this trader's roller coaster ride. You will learn the three biggest mistakes investors and traders make and how to avoid them, why the most important part of making money is not losing it, the pattern which all losses take, and how to take losses before they take you. $37.50

    NEW MARKET WIZARDS - Conversations With America's Top Traders
    By Jack D. Schwager
    Jack Schwager interviews a host of supertraders, spectacular winners whose success occurs across a spectrum of financial markets. These traders use different methods, but they all share an edge. How do they do it? What separates them from the others? What can they teach the average trader or investor? These wildly successful traders relate the financial strategies that have rocketed them to success, as well as the embarrassing losses that have proven them all too human. $34.95

    By Lois Rodden
    This book helps you determine your own financial potential from your personal horoscope for work, career and money. It explores the maximum options in the horoscope of how to live the good life with the most successful results. The planets, signs and houses of astrology are examined in terms of the commercial life. The vocational indicators are considered to determine what kind of job is most suitable to fulfill the earning potential, where and when optimum opportunities exist, how to guard against financial loss or gain financial success. (You will need your own personal horoscope chart.) $20.00

    Developing Winning Attitudes By Mark Douglas
    In the Disciplined Trader, Mark Douglas, an expert on the dynamics of trading, shows why most traders are unprepared for the different - often alien - strategies in the trading environment. The book is divided into four parts: an overview of the psychological requirements; a definition of the problems and challenges; basic insights into what behavior may need to be changed, and how to build a framework for accomplishing this goal; and how to develop specific trading skills based on a clear, objective perspective on market action. $34.95

    By Mark Douglas
    How to Create a State of Mind That Eliminates the Fear, Stress, & Anxiety From Your Trading It is not often that I can confidently recommend a book. "Trading in the Zone" by Mark Douglas is the exception. The subtitle sums up the essence of the book. Some of you may know that after 22 years in the markets I am fully aware of the fact that trading of stocks and commodities is not only a technical but also a mental exercise. This book addresses the psychological attitude that is an absolute must to become a competent and consistent trader. Mark Douglas' previous best seller "The Disciplined Trader" established him as a leader in the field of trading psychology. This new book builds on that specialized foundation, taking the trader by the hand through 7 chapters. From the basic explanation of why we do what we do to defining the problems and finally showing what action you need to take in order to set you on the path to confident trading at a mental level, this book is a winner. "Trading in the Zone" takes off from where "The Disciplined Trader" ended. The book is published by Mark Douglas himself and may appear expensive, but, in fact, it is cheap if you take your trading seriously and want to be here for the long run. $150.00

    Applying The Latest Momentum Indicators For Technical Analysis By William Blau
    Momentum, direction, and divergence are the three basic components of nearly all technical indicators used in the analysis of stock and commodities trading. And for those who understand them and their applications, they are also the pillars of a high-performance trading strategy. In this groundbreaking book, technical wizard William Blau schools financial professionals in all three. Combining the latest financial information with dozens of eye-opening graphics, Blau clearly, concisely, and with a minimum of complex mathematics: * Introduces the principle of double smoothing and develops potent new indicators based on double smoothing techniques. * Describes the uses and limitations of a variety of notable technical indicators. * Explains momentum, direction, and divergence and new ways to apply them. * Presents the True Strength Index and shows how it can dramatically improve most directional indicators. * Provides new ways of identifying divergence that make implementation far simpler than ever before. $55.00

    (3rd Edition)
    By Perry J. Kaufman
    For more than two decades, futures traders have turned to the classic Trading Systems and Methods for complete information about the latest, most successful indicators, programs, algorithms, and systems. Now, this newly revised and expanded Third Edition continues that tradition, including many new approaches and covering the latest developments in the continuously evolving equipment and techniques for trading futures markets. $79.95

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