book opposing road map outselling hillary clinton

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    Jun. 12, 2003
    Book opposing road map outselling Hillary Clinton

    America's Christians are apparently rallying against the road map, if the sales of a new book by a leading evangelical author are an indication.

    Beyond Iraq: The Next Move: Ancient Prophecy and Modern Day Prophecy Collide, by Michael D. Evans, is outselling Hillary Clinton's Living History on the best-seller list. It is No. 2 after Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

    "I knew that prophecy and conspiracy were colliding and had to rally the troops," said Evans, the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team movement of support for Israel.

    "I knew that the sleeping giant of American Bible-believing Christians did not support the road map, and only needed to have a banner to march under.

    "Since I had no banner, I figured a book would do." The book entered the Amazon list as No. 2 million, Evans said, and jumped to No. 2 in one week.

    Evans, who has been a confidant to many of Israel's leaders, said he had been "writing the book with my actions" for decades. On one occasion, he stood up at the 1991 Madrid peace conference and challenged then US secretary of state James Baker over the withholding of $10 billion in US loan guarantees for Israel. "At the conference, I said 'never again,' " recalled Evans.

    "Bible-believing Christians were shut out of the last round when the Oslo experiment took place," he said. "I made up my mind it was not going to happen again. This is the Bible Land and we have the right to vote in favor of the Bible as our road map if we choose to.

    "To us, the Aqaba summit was not a peace conference, but an appeasement conference in which Israel was being blackmailed to appease the EU, UN, Russia, and Arab rage," he concluded.

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