Bonus shares instead of dividend

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    Some coys (e.g. BEN and HIL) allow shareholders to elect to forego dividends and receive bonus shares instead. This is known to be a very good idea if the original shares have been held since 19/09/1985. However the tax treatment of bonus issues on top of post-85 original shares is not clear. My interpretation based on BEN website and HIL booklet is:
    (1) no franking credits
    (2) no liability for income tax
    (3) cost base for CGT is effectively zero
    (4) CGT payable on disposal (at 50% discount if held for more than 1 year after bonus issue)

    The ATO website is not very helpful -- it seems to more or less agree with the above but then it also says that if the bonus shares are received instead of a dividend then they are taxed just like a dividend.

    Anyone out there know what the real story is?

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