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Bonkers we will get you rape your wife bash ya fat

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    You have to know how to read BB's-at Stockhouse the language is sometimes a little rough---raping my wife--sometimes means a particular company will make an announcement within a few days--or bashing my dad---may mean that is a buy in point for a particular stock--sometimes it is written with good intentions sometimes not------I use a chart and my own analysis myself--but it does bring the company to your attention.
    On a personal note--with the people who have got something against me--and a full of critscim--I don't think much of you as people--obviously because you have not critiscised the people who did that to me.
    Whereas----if someone was doing that to someone else--I would be the first to support them.
    So in my mind----you must by your very silence be in league---or at least tacitly approve of the sometimes daily abuse and threats I receive--from what are highly manipulative and many times criminal people.
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