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    RE: Do you know this guy?
    Wed, 23 Oct 2002 20:26:21 +1000
    "Mark Hunter"

    I don't know who he is but lets face it, he is bordering gay.

    As for the crap about the inclinometer, inform that if its easy to copy, go
    and do it.

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    Posted 23/10/02 19:30
    Member bombadier


    I believe most bought for the inclinometre, and lets face
    patents, easily copyable, not selling anything like what they thought.

    Phone booster antennae worse.

    Diamond lease in marginal bordering country (despite stocko's claims)

    No liquidity whatsoever, ppl are sick of promises and no delivery.

    I believe the company is in pretty hot water. Tried their fingers
    dipping in too many pies during boom times and let's face it, they are
    expert at none and none have delivered. It takes something huge in news
    to even send a ripple through the market now. Take a look at PRR's ann
    today! Gone are the days where you float a company from nothing, buy a
    few leases, make a few anns and watch the dollars roll in. Look at the
    oil HDR have found and look at the price!

    I don't see boom times again for some time yet. If this is they case
    they are going to have real problems simply surviving. I mean, what do
    they do a placement at...3 cents?

    I'd love to see them do well but let's face it...not looking flash and
    neither is the market.


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