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Bolnisi - record qtr and great cashflow

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    Bolnisi have had a record quarter - Georgian operation (50% BSG) doing about 26,200 oz at cash cost US152 (ie about AUD275) per oz. This has resulted is quarterly cashflow (after Georgian witholding taxes) to BSG of about AUD3.6 million. At an annualised figure (AUD14.4), this about equals BSG 'net' capitalisation (mkt capitalisation - minus cash on hand).

    Other positive news includes that the Ocampo combined gold-silver recoveries have been optimised across the various ores bodies at about 92-93%. Ocampo feasibility only about 10 weeks of completion. Roseby processing / metallurgy looking good, but still too early to make real conclusions as yet.


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Currently unlisted public company.

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