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    Hi OBJers - first time poster here.

    Thought I would share my experience with a knee surgeon I had yesterday.

    I've had over 8 knee reconstructions between my knees and due to degenerative arthritis that is now present, I am in need for a knee replacement.  Yesterday I was discussing my options with the surgeon and mentioned BodyGuard and how it can assist with joint movement and whether or not it can be of assistance to my ailing knees.  The surgeon initially scoffed at the idea due to its "highly speculative success rate".  I mentioned OBJ and the BodyGuard concept and how P&G are undertaking feasibility studies on this technology as we speak.  Once P&G was mentioned the surgeon paid a lot more respect to BodyGuard.  He said if P&G are interested, there must be good reason and was eager to undertake some research of his own. Overall very enthusiastic about how it could prevent people from knee replacements and improve overall joint movement.  Was speechless when thinking about the uses of such technology and kept saying "wow", "and then it could be used on this...", "and imagine it with this...".  All over my head but was nice to reaffirm why I am invested in OBJ.

    A little to late for myself, but gauging the response from the surgeon, I think BodyGuard (hopefully) is onto a winner.


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