bob katters new party

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    I finally sussed out Bobs website to check out what his party is all about. Ill give him a thumb up but I have my doubts that he can succeed in achieving his parties aims.

    I noticed some posts today grouping Bob with Pauline and Barnaby. Not sure if Bob would be to happy about that if what is on his website is true,

    In actual fact I am sure some of the right wingers will be bunching him in with the socialists that they are so afraid of. His websites red too so be careful righties you might be corrupted.

    "Governments should develop and promote policies which maintain and advance a modern mixed economic system that will ensure economic growth, full employment, equitable distribution of income"

    Havent the righties been complaining that the current government is trying to redistribute income?

    "Governments must ensure that every Australian is, and in particular employees, farmers and franchisees are, able to bargain collectively"

    Hmmmm doesnt sound like work choices to me, collective bargaining????? isnt that them nasty unions?

    "Governments should provide essential services such as airports, water, electricity, gas, health services, road networks, public transport and communications"

    Revolutionary, hang on what about our private sector mates how will they make a quid? Isnt this government interference socialism at its worst, fancy expecting the government to foot the bill for major national infrastructure.

    "It is the duty of government to:
    a.ensure that bank lending provides real wealth creation in terms of improvements to the quality of life of the average Australian;
    b.prevent the flow of credit creation into speculation and predatory activity; and
    c.ensure that the wealth creators and risk takers are not subject to a one sided and unrestrained banking foreclosure policy."

    "Governments must ensure that all Australians have access to necessary finance at affordable prices and that financial institutions do not abuse their financial powers. If necessary, governments should intervene in markets to ensure that these principles are achieved and that government is involved in the process of the provision of finance and credit to provide inter alia a bench-marking"

    Governments intervening in financial markets, thats a right wing no no Bob, what are you thinking?

    Anyway thats just a few that I particularly liked. Wonder where the righties stand on these issues?

    Dont worry he had plenty of other pricpals and values, some of which will have the right dancing with glee,

    check em out

    not a member yet but will be watching him closely

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