Bob Katter says situation in Qld is diabolical

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    Federal MP Bob Katter says neither of the major parties in Queensland is capable of running a government.
    Labor and the Liberal National Party are both locked in talks with crossbench MPs, including two from Katter's Australian Party, with both so far failing to win enough seats to govern in their own right.
    "I think you're looking at possibly the two worst governments in Queensland history," Mr Katter said.
    "None of those people are capable of running government, none of them have had any experience in running government."
    He said it has left Queensland in a "very, very diabolical state".
    However, Mr Katter said the two KAP MPs, Shane Knuth and his son Rob Katter, are likely to side with one of them to avoid Queenslanders having to go back to the polls.
    Mr Katter said his son had "expressed very, very strongly that he wants outcomes for the people he represents".
    He said if there was a gridlock Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey could determine which major party would form government.
    "The will of the people has been expressed in an election - interpreting that is the job for the governor," he said.
    Mr Katter insisted he was only providing advice to KAP MPs and was not sitting in on negotiations.
    Meanwhile, Labor leader Annastacia Palaszczuk arrived at parliament to have discussions with Independent Peter Wellington.
    She said she was going to offer Mr Wellington leadership stability and a focus on integrity and accountability in government.
    "Only the Labor party has a clear plan," Ms Palaszczuk said outside parliament without taking any questions.
    "We know the LNP is in absolute chaos at the moment.
    "They went to the election with a plan for asset sales.
    "All of their election commitments are based on asset sales. They therefore have nothing."
    Dave R.
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