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    Senator Brown said a global parliament would tackle international questions such as nuclear proliferation,currency speculation, marine eco-system destruction "and those billion people who could be fed and literate if only a tenth of global military spending was sent to their assistance".

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    Yes, "and those billion people who could be fed and literate and breed into multi Billions who breath out CO2, burn timber for fires,dig out coal for energy, use more food , water and other resources which contribute to Bob Brown's Global Warming scenario that is destroying the climate that mankind needs to live in, so Bob says.

    So Bob, save the climate or breed more people to control?

    Hmmm! I think we are being conned, nothing to do with Global Warming, GLOBAL CONTROL by ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is their goal. UN will be the Puppet master which Kevin Rudd is trying so desperate to get in.Or is Kevin already working under cover as Foreign Minister of Australia spending our Billions of dollars at UN request???

    Bob Brown on the eve of Senate control could not stop himself from gloating about his real ambition, One World Government. You the public have been lied too again about Global Warming CO2, it is merely a means to his REAL goal.



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