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boardroom radio interview notes

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    Here's a few things that I found interesting from the latest BRR interview (15th Dec):

    - ultimate goal is to become a significant uranium producer

    - very close to some deals with clear potential for value creation and upside (most likely In-Situ Recovery deposits)
    - serious size projects (15mlb +)

    - What Attracted JOGMEC: "virgin unexplored territory in the middle of a mature province where we know mineralisation has a great chance of being present"
    - best intersection wasn't actually like Ranger or Jabiluka, but it was much more like Olympic Dam

    Regional exploration holes in the West
    - intersected exactly the same rocks as what you see in the basement in the East Alligator region (high grade unconformity uranium deposits)
    - in first drill hole: strongly anomalous uranium at the unconformity - 30 times background
    - signifiacance - exploring in Athabasca region (Saskatchewan): that level of uranium anonomaly would be taken as enormously significant

    There was plenty more info in the BRR, but only took notes of info I wasn't really aware of or had previously written down.
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