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    I checked in with the BMN Registry today.

    There has been very little change in the top 20 holders over the last 6 months.

    The top 20 holders now hold 57% of all the BMN stock.

    This leaves 43% for all other investors. Of this 43% probably half never trades; it is held by the Captn, Tibbs, Chris , Phil etc and all the other loyal holders who have probably been accumulating.

    Personally I have always believed that there is a very small amount of BMN stock that changes hands frequently; probably less than 30 million shares. Unfortunately this is day trader; nervous nelly no idea territory and got a tip from the cabbie territory. (frequent trading).

    The BMN register makeup is similar to the makeup of the determination of uranium pricing. With the uranium price there are long term contracts which currently exist at $95per pound and make up the majority of transations and final uranium delivery. There is also a currently lower uranium spot price which makes up a small percentage of transactions but which commands a great deal of emotional sentiment on a very short term basis.

    What I am saying is that a small percentage of transactions (or holders) is determining a short term market in both cases. Otherwise the top 20 holder list which I have equated here to the uranium contract price would be continually changing.

    Phil I think you will understand this.

    I do not believe the

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