bloody sikhs - acting like muslims

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    Next thing christians will be getting uppity about ridicule of their religion - where will it stop?

    UK theatre scraps Sikh play after violent protests

    The directors of a British play depicting sexual abuse and murder in a Sikh temple have reluctantly scrapped their production due to fears violent protests against it would escalate.

    The directors said they stood by the play and principles of free speech, but had taken the decision to avoid a repeat of riots outside the theatre on Saturday night.

    "Sadly it's clearly evident that the violent protesters have won," said Stuart Rogers, executive director of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

    "We cannot operate this theatre in a state where people are throwing bricks through our windows."

    Three officers were hurt and three men arrested on Saturday night when a peaceful protest against the play turned violent.

    Around 400 turbaned Sikhs gathered outside the playhouse and some pelted it with stones.

    The theatre's directors met police and Sikh community leaders in Birmingham on Monday to try to ease tensions but Rogers said there was no guarantee the protests would abate.


    The play, Behzti (Dishonour), was written by a Sikh woman, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti, and is described as a black comedy about a woman and her sick mother visiting a gurdwara, or Sikh temple, for the first time in years.

    Protesters say it mocks Sikhism, which has around 250,000 adherents in Britain.

    Mr Rogers said Ms Bhatti supported the theatre's decision to scrap the production but only on safety grounds.


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