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    Justice Shaw has an ethical responsibility but who's heard of that one? Ethical? No ....... it's just what you can get away with stooopid.

    Under investigation: There are two inquiries into the disappearance of the blood sample. (ABC)

    Latham urges judge to provide blood sample

    Opposition Leader Mark Latham has called on New South Wales Supreme Court judge Jeff Shaw to hand over a sample of blood taken after his involvement in an October car accident to police.

    One of the two blood samples taken from the judge at the time has disappeared before police scientists were able to analyse it.

    Mr Latham says Justice Shaw now has an ethical responsibility to produce the second sample.

    "I do think that in public life we must live by a higher standard," he said.

    "If judges and politicians don't have the highest standards in terms of ethical responsibility, how will others, themselves, try and reach those high standards?
    "So that's got to be recognised."

    The New South Wales Coalition also believes Justice Shaw has a moral obligation to hand over the blood sample to police.

    Shadow attorney-general Andrew Tink says any inquiries by the Police Integrity Commission must be independent of the Government.

    "It is vitally important that the Police Minister give a public undertaking he will stand back from this entire inquiry process and in fact take it upon himself to be entirely at arm's length from the Police Integrity Commissioner," he said.

    "And that the Police Integrity Commissioner on this occasion will report directly to Parliament without sending a draft copy of the report to the Minister first."
    The PIC investigation is known as Operation Banff.

    Deputy Police Commissioner Dave Madden says police have been told any attempts to speak to Justice Shaw would have to be done through his lawyers.

    However, the PIC has the power to summon witnesses to give evidence.
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