bloke goes to the doctor

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    Bloke goes to the doctor and says

    doc, you've got to help me,

    every time I pass wind, I yell out the word Honda,

    Doc says " stop wasting my time, the rectum isn't connected to the vocal cords, now piss off

    so he seeks a second opinion,

    goes to another doctor and says, Doc, listen to this,

    he passes wind and then says "Honda, Honda, Honda,

    "second doctor says, stop being an idiot and get out of my surgery,

    out of desperation, he seeks out an Asian Doctor who specialises in embarrassing illnesses,

    he tells the Doctor his problem and the Doctor says

    "me understand ploblem

    "now remove tlouser

    "now pass wind while I examine"

    the bloke passes wind and says "Honda, Honda,Honda

    "Doctor says, "OK, me understand, now put on tlouser"

    bloke says, what's the problem Doctor?

    Doctor says,

    you have an Abscess

    bloke says, "an abscess

    "Doctor says,

    Old Chinese proverb, "Abscess makes the fart go honda
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