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    Hi Remy,

    First Arch Crawford with a "doom and gloom" scenario
    for last Monday ..... it didn't happen.

    Intersuisse with email warnings, along similar
    negative lines ..... final capitulation has not
    been seen yet .....blah, blah, blah.

    Many forums debating the merits of owning
    property versus shares, right now too.

    Now Nicholson coming out with this stuff ......

    With all this negativity, some of the contrarians
    are already long in this market, while some less
    aggressive players will wait for a pullback to yet
    another test of recent lows or a slightly higher
    low ..... even better.

    For one contrarian's analysis and charts, go to:

    have a great weekend


    P.S. Next critical day for US markets, should be
    Tuesday, 25022003 ..... or SYCOM for us .....

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