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Blatantly Misleading Investors?

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    Bloomberg report:

    the company said in August. CHEP Europe's profit will be ``stable'' in the coming year, Chief Financial Officer David Turner said told reporters in Sydney on Aug. 28.

    the company now says that 4 month into the current period (bearing in mind that as per above, after two months earning were "stable") CHEP's European EBITDA are down 33%.

    One can conclude:

    a) the CFO had/has no idea as should be sacked
    b) the CFO told a blatant lie as to BIL permonance and should be sacked/prosecuted
    c) if CHEP were indeed "stable" for the first two months, then for the second two months they are down 66% - still sack the CFO

    what a joke!!
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