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blatant overbidding....

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    You would have to have rocks in your head or be a market manipulator to bid 95 cents and $1.00 for AYO in the pre market. Whats the bet the bids disappear at 10 o'clock? Silly thing is even though I have some problems with AYO it is not a bad stock for the longer term if it can get sales up so why the need to play funny buggars with it. At 90 cents it may even be getting close to fundamentals though if that is the case AWE should be $1.50, ROC, $2.00 ARQ 1.20 and PSA $1.50. Could be some rotation out of AYO into what those with a short term horizon see as the next runner. Looks to me like HDR is poised to jump. Will be an interesting day.
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