blair & straw to face war crimes

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    Had to happen

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out although at the end of the day will more than likely go no where - except for making money for lawyers

    Greek lawyers accuse Blair, Straw of crimes against humanity

    A group of lawyers is planning to take the British Prime Minister Tony Blair to the new International Criminal Court on war crimes charges arising out of the Iraq conflict.

    The Athens Bar Association says it feels an ethical and juristic responsibility to seek action from the court which was inaugurated in March.

    The bar association is citing Mr Blair and his foreign secretary Jack Straw for crimes against humanity and war crimes as well as violations of international law, human rights and a number of treaties.

    The British Government, which has backed the new international court, dismissed the lawyers' claims as groundless and insisted it had acted in accordance with international law in all its actions in Iraq.

    The Greek lawyers are considering making similar legal move against the Spanish Prime Minister but are excluding the United States which has challenged the court's jurisdiction over Americans.
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