Black Saturday Anniversary

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    Today is the 6th anniversary of Black Saturday bushfires disaster, wherein 173 lives were lost, countless people injured, and over 2000 homes lost/affected.

    This is my tribute to the memory of, and the ongoing bravery of, those families of victims, and the thousands of survivors - thanks to the emergency workers, CFA, Police, volunteers - ambos - hospital staffs - the various heroes whose efforts and sacrifices that day will be forever unsung.

    So many died to save others. Sufferings still ongoing. Suicides, marriage breakups, people leaving districts forever - sometimes entire families wiped out that fateful day of horrors unspoken. Bravery shown which will never be known of - so many lives changed forever. And so many hearts broken.

    This is my wish for all these people today. That they find peace and comfort in the knowledge that the public recalls, and continues to remember. The public support at the time was life-saving in many cases - physically and mentally. Please never forget these people, who don't complain, but still live under enormous stress and various levels of personal duress.

    So many people to thank. So many people still helping. SO many people will never forget. If you know a victim - a survivor - call them up, today. I can ssure you that will mean the world to them.

    Thanks to you all, who cared. Who still care. The public were totally amazing. Are totally amazing. Yet, sadly, some survivors are now forgotten. And some so-called "friends" have moved on. So many still in need of love and support. Suffering in silence. Let's NOT forget them.

    7th February, 2009. Black Saturday.

    Australian heroism shown at it's finest.
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