there is no doubt that turnbul is bitter.. he was obviously...

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    there is no doubt that turnbul is bitter.. he was obviously hoping for a liberal loss - so he could keep on sprouting that he could have won … he seems to forget that he did not even fight to keep his job in the liberal party..

    mmm just as a totally off topic anecdote - but watso recalls working with a woman and she mentioned that she thought that her role in the bus organization was so critical - that if she stopped working then the busses would stop... and when she stopped working, the busses they kept on driving (or whatever busses do) .

    lol and Dutton still has his job - but helped get rid of turnbul who was going to take the libs to a loss.. and watso is confident that tones is only too happy that he helped save Australia ..and tones can even smile, because he gets a higher income from his PM pension, than what he would get as a back bencher .

    back to the busses - but maybe the bus company sacked the odd driver if they were no good at driving the bus
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