Hi Hawthorn8,Addressing the age thing, I’m in my late 50’s. In...

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    Hi Hawthorn8,

    Addressing the age thing, I’m in my late 50’s. In 2013 I bought a dozen Bitcoins on a lark (Total investment, ~$2800 USD) to use basically as “chips” to trade alternate cryptocurrencies as a game.

    I used to be a stockbroker when I was younger, and it seemed like my kind of video game since I missed the “gaming” thing (we had “Pong” and “Tanks” and “Asteroids” and PAC Man when I was a kid, and that was it. And it cost 25 cents a go to play at the arcade.

    So I traded and had fun with it and quadrupled my Bitcoins then I got a bit bored with it and stored the bitcoins away safety....and then 2017 happened. About 9 months after the 2016 halving, well, it just started to explode. At the high in January of 2018, my $2800 had grown to just well over a million dollars. Yeah.

    I sold off $50,000 worth for some mad money at around $16,000 each on the way down for some mad pocket money and have had the rest stored away since. The balance, even at the lows of last year never got below $200,000. (Remember, initial investment $2800, $50k taken off the table, it’s all casino money now!)

    Now it’s above $500,000 again, and I don’t worry about anything (I do have plenty of other assets, but we are limiting the discussion to this). I pretty much retired in 2018, and I have trailing income, and this asset is the last thing in my portfolio I worry about.

    So do retirees have BTC? You betcha! I do believe it will be worth a couple million or more by end 2021.

    Had this not happened to me, I would still probably own 1 or 2 whole BTC in a balanced portfolio. You can’t not have the possibility of the next big thing in a well balanced portfolio.Hope that gives you some kind of clarity: I didn’t invest. I bought video game credits.

    Whoops! Made me rich(er)!
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