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    So you obviously got in for speculative reasons then. Do you hold these in your own wallet, or are they on an exchange? (Meaning that they're not actually yours).

    I would personally classify XRP as downright dangerous. Highly centralised nodes that can be shut down by the Government at any time, dangerous consensus mechanism that can result in loss of funds, centralised censorship / freezing of funds possible by the Ripple company.

    Traditional SWIFT is a lot more secure and infinitely faster using traditional centralised database solutions. Additionally, online payment methods in Australia can now be done through mobile apps (Like the Netbank app) between individuals or from customer to merchant. All of this is accomplished without running on a rent seeking pump & dump unregulated security owned by speculators.

    As for the others, I stopped keeping up with the latest garbage rent seeking coins a long time ago. People mistook extra new features to mean that they were somehow superior to Bitcoin. However most of these features compromised decentralisation and/or security. The later ones involved their developers doing enormous premines, giving misleading data on the fake cryptocurrency metric 'market cap'.

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