Those who got in on borrowed money or money they could not...

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    Those who got in on borrowed money or money they could not afford to lose at the end of 2017 have probably been wiped out this is a good thing  in itself  as speculation is not what is needed .

    Those who tried to day trade it have I suspect  largely gone I am giving them the credit of having more wisdom than the  self proclaimed trading God who posted here that he had bought at the end of 2017 . I thought if he has bought at the top and he is a trading God I had better watch this  Three weeks later he was back crying because he had lost a packet he had put 30k into it and not told  his mrs . ouch.

    Those who are long term hodlers are   sitting still because their objective financial independence and protection from something like  the possibility that Deutsche bank and others could bring down the system in a way  that makes 2008 look like a minor dip                                                                                                             

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    Those who are in countries where fiat has or is collapsing are using it it on a daily basis  to stay alive


    I should also point out that even a rampant bull like Tom Leeat fundstrat says that you should never have more than 2% of your  investment portfolio in BTC

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