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    "It appears at this point market sentiment is waning, not that price is indicative of market sentiment but BTC' did fail to hold the bullish channel . It aslo provided 3 points on the RSI allowing us to set a resistance line for it to break. short term the RSI resistance line broke the uptrend, but did not create a higher high, and is appears to be trading in the 35-65 over bought oversold area which is a bearish channel . The PPO looks similar to the last leg to $4890 prior to the dip where it could not keep up with the same percentage gains over the same period of time. I'm not sure there is anything bullish at the current time and we may likely see $4190-$4200 level where we should find support. Of course keep in the back of your mind sentiment changes on a dime, and we could easily turn and run, but it's a high probability we will test $4200 at this time. But that's not all. Let's take a look at the alt-coins as an indicator of market sentiment. "
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