Bishop and Plibersek

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    Vast gulf of difference between these two women -

    Bishop stands in Parliament and delivers an impassioned and sincere plea for the lives of the the two Aussies now facing murder by firing squad. She cries. Her plea short and sweet - to the point.
    All about them. Not her.

    Plibersek responds on behalf of her side of politics - this is all about her - her former drug dealer husband - now reformed and successful - and other of her family tribulations.
    All about her. Not them.

    What did Plibersek's own private life trials have to do with anything? She is SO self-indulgent.

    I contend and allege that her personal "sob story" was more a softening up process for the public - get it out there - here's my chance whilst talking drug dealing - mention to the world that my husband has had this past serious "brush" with the law relative to drug dealing - years ago - so that, later, it won't be such a shock to those of the public who don't know anything about it - should she challenge for Labor leadership. Or will take the sting out of it should the LNP ever mention it. (Which I dont think they would - not being a low as Labor in the vile slagging department). Method in her madness, I reckon.

    Very calculating, I allege - these Labor Machiavellians.

    I saw this spiel from Plibersek as a little "my operation was more dangerous than yours" category of self interested attention and spotlight seeking.
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