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bird flu in europe ???

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    If Bird Flu is detected in Europe for the first time it will only add to the current situation, I think many in US and Europe still see this as an Asian event and are not really concerned despite their Governments recent announcements.

    Interesting market update attached, Gilead (Tamiflu) was up 5% on Friday, it doesn't seem much on face value but they are a $20B market cap company - so they went up by a billion dollars.

    A week ago every report was talking about Tamiflu, now they talk about "Anti-virals" and usually mention both Tamiflu and Relenza.

    I would love to know what production capacity GSK is ramping up to. I am waiting to hear of US/UK brokers upgrading GSK on the back of potential antiviral sales, this shouldn't take long given the CEO's comments following his meeting with George Bush. This would provide some interesting comparisons to the leverage through Biota.

    "Biotech stocks rise amid efforts to fight bird flu
    New York | October 08, 2005 1:30:27 AM IST

    Shares of biotechnology companies developing treatments to fight a possible outbreak of avian flu rose on Friday as delegates from around the world met to discuss plans for battling the illness.

    BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc., a small biotech in Birmingham, Alabama, saw its shares soar as much as 20 percent while Gilead Sciences Inc. shares rose 5 percent.

    Gilead provided the greatest support to the Nasdaq in afternoon trading.

    Delegates from 80 countries and international agencies began a meeting on Thursday to formulate the best way to fight the growing outbreak of avian influenza.

    BioCryst is developing a drug which, if approved, could be a third option to treat the H5N1 avian influenza, which has already killed more than 100 people in Asia and could turn into a pandemic that could kill millions if it mutates into a more deadly version of the virus, experts have said.

    Gilead has partnered with Roche Holding AG to develop the flu treatment Tamiflu, which is now being stockpiled by a number of countries.

    The other option to treat the virus is Relenza, developed by Britain's GlaxoSmithKline.

    Shares of Gilead were up $2.18, to $47.69 while BioCryst was up $1.24 to $11.50 in afternoon trade on the Nasdaq."

    I continue to hold BTA, please do your own research
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