biotech makes 2005 sales ))))))))))

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    USCOM Limited
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    Monday, 14 February, 2005: USCOM Limited (ASX Code: UCM) reported today that marketing of its
    non-invasive cardiac monitor was off to a promising start for 2005, with sales already completed in both
    Australasia and Europe.
    The most recent sale was recorded at a major public hospital in Wales. The order was taken by USCOM’s
    distribution partner for the UK and Ireland, Beaver Medical, based in Northhampton.
    Commenting on progress, the Chief Executive of USCOM, Mr Gary Davey said, “December through
    February would normally be an extremely quiet time for sales activity. But we are pleased to have secured
    sales during this period in India, New Zealand and the UK. We have a healthy sales pipeline which we
    expect to convert to sales over the coming weeks. We are excited about the prospects for 2005.”
    USCOM is currently involved in the final stages of sales of further units in Australia, the UK and Germany.
    Initial marketing has begun in Japan following regulatory approval in November 2004.
    Importantly, the USCOM FDA application (USA regulatory approval) is progressing well and the company
    expects to be able to market the device in the United States in the coming months with initial sales in the
    North American market anticipated during the current financial year.
    This week, the company is exhibiting at the Arab Health medical conference in Dubai for training of sales
    representatives and presentations to a number of potential Middle East customers. USCOM was on show
    at two important medical conferences in the US and one in Singapore through January and February. The
    company is also exhibiting and making presentations at a further two conferences in Europe during March.
    The presentation of the science of USCOM, an essential element of the selling process, is also progressing
    well. The company announced today that an important study of USCOM in intensive care has now been
    published in a leading medical journal, the British Journal of Anaesthesia.
    The study, conducted at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth, concluded that the USCOM cardiac
    output monitor was “accurate, rapid, safe, well-tolerated, non-invasive and cost-effective.” The study was
    presented today at the US Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, one
    of the US conferences where USCOM exhibited during January.
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