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  1. dma
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    Here are 18 of the US Patents registered under (Biota Scient Management) from Biota Scientific Management Pty Ltd.

    These are not registered as yet on the USPTO offical US Patent official site. I believe it takes a month for registration to occur.

    8 Patents relate to Zanamivir (Relenza)
    1 Patent is the Diagnostic (Biostar)
    7 Flunet/Lani compounds
    2 HRV Biota Patents.

    I suspect Biota have done a deal with either GSK or Sankyo, can,t work out which one yet? as in a previous post the new name is being registered in Britain and Australia, I originally thought it could be Sankyo, because GSK are still holding out on the will have to wait and see who the (Applicant is on the new Patents)

    Cheers dma
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