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bioscreens potential

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    As jd pointed out we get a bit over us$1 for each test strip. Now the trick is to work out how many urine test cups Bioscreens will sell ?

    There is a minimum sales agreement in place but you have to think that Bioscreens are selling millions of urine testing kits.Remember Bioscreens is the leading direct marketer for drugs of abuse products.

    Not bad potential for a company capped a $8.5m and that's only for one of our products.

    About BioScreens, Inc.
    BioScreens, Inc., headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, is a leading direct marketer of drug of abuse testing
    products. For over twenty-five years, they have provided tests for professional organizations, such as
    hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation centers, large corporations, as well as home testing for immediate
    confidential results.
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