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    11 November, 2004
    Company Announcement

    Bioeffective V Shows Strong Antioxidant Properties in an Independent Laboratory Assay

    The Directors of Solagran Limited are pleased to announce that a recent test conducted by The Natural Products Pharmacology Unit at the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicines, Education and Research at Southern Cross University showed that Bioeffective V has a strong antioxidant capacity.

    The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) test - the industry standard for assessing antioxidant properties - demonstrated that Bioeffective V tested higher for antioxidant capacity than several commercial products in this category, including Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and milk thistle - as well as a market leading supplement formulation.

    Bioeffective V is both an active ingredient in its own right, and a source substance for the manufacture of Bioeffectives R, B and S. Clinical trials are currently being finalised in relation to the hepatoprotective properties of Bioeffective R. Preliminary results are expected to be released within the next 2 weeks, and the full report by the end of December. Bioeffective B is undergoing trials in Australia for its applications in facilitating athletes' recovery after competition and training. Bioeffective S is a substance with anti bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties which can be used as a natural preservative in a variety of end user products.

    The Directors consider the results of the ORAC test to be extremely encouraging, moving Solagran closer to commercialising Bioeffective V and finished form products based on this substance.

    Peter Stedwell, Director

    On behalf of the Board of Directors
    Solagran Limited

    Solagran Limited is an Australian company founded in 1995 with the objective of commercialising the results of a research and development program that commenced in Russia in the 1930s, and which has continued, uninterrupted, until the present day. The focus of the research program has been the extraction and utilisation of the “live elements” of tree foliage. Solagran has collectively trademarked these substances using the term Bioeffectives®.

    Solagran’s technology permits it to obtain many different Bioeffectives from tree and plant sources. One of the highest value Bioeffectives is a class of organic substances known as polyprenols. Polyprenols are naturally occurring precursors of dolichol, which is found in all of the vital organs of the human body, and which plays an essential role in cell metabolism and in supporting the immune system.

    Solagran has committed significant resources to the development and testing of Bioeffective R – a Bioeffective comprising polyprenols. Experimental results suggest Bioeffective R has a very positive impact on damaged liver cells.
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