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    Hi folks
    Sorry I couldn't report this earlier but I've been on a very important fishing trip. While lazing around reading I chanced upon an article in Friday 8ths Fin Review. On reading the article I immediately increased my stake in PBI shares and options and my hunch has been vindicated cause I reckon I know what's going down.

    Read the story on "ResMed Can Breath Easy". Gee this just sounds so much like PBI's AirwayClear device.
    Citigroup Smith Barney analyst says US sleep labs all have 6 month waiting lists - diagnosis being a major rate limiting factor - PBI's novel technology is for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnoea. There's some question about ResMed keeping its edge over market competition. However there is a suggestion in the last para that gives it all away and I quote " 2004 is shaping up to be a robust year for ResMed with the launch of what could be substantial products in terms of differentiating the company from competitors".

    In their announcement on Tuesday 12th PBI states it is fasttracking commercialisation and has commenced discussion with potential partners. Now obviously if you are going to be a partner you'd have to be in that line of business. Enter ResMed.

    Now I've got to admit there's a fair bit of supposition on my side but PBI's technology is secured by patents and ResMed are boasting a product that will separate them from the competitors. But don't believe me. Do your own research. Scan back through PBI's releases and read the Fin Report. I believe there's a better than even chance that 2 + 2 does make 4 in this instance. Where do you think PBI's share price would go if they entered a contractual arrangement with ResMed on their patent protected AirwayClear device.

    Sometimes you can feel you're right on the money but when your research collaborates your gut feeling it's often BINGO.

    Cloud of Sparrows

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