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Bingo, 88 Days & still Counting

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    Bingo, two fat ladies – DMP rent of +$91T etc now 88 days overdue and counting, very poor corporate governance. IMO, other Board members will be getting more nervous day by day as they are accountable for their actions and inactions.

    Indeed Jzed, as they don’t return my calls and since you have their questionable ear - perhaps you could ask them why they have not paid rent on the core asset held by the Company which they have now put at risk x 3 ???

    Tick tock, highly unlikely I-World will front up with the monies after the key asset is forfeited by the DMP for unpaid rent!

    Board and management should dig deep into their pockets and pay the rent with the money that they have taken from shareholders in the past five years! Excellent interest rates in excess of 100%pa are available as they have been in the past.

    Next announcements could be resignations in quick order! IMO

    Keeping shareholders informed and balancing the view. DYOR, please.
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