bin ladfen uses aussie money to bomb aussie

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    Bin Laden funded embassy bombing: report
    05:53 AEST Mon Aug 1 2005
    Osama bin Laden bankrolled the 2004 bombing of the Australian embassy in Jakarta, the terrorist who led the attack has told Indonesian police.

    Rois, also known as Iwan Dharmawan, told police a courier delivered a bundle of Australian dollars from bin Laden to Malaysian master bomber Azahari bin Husin, The Australian newspaper reported on Monday.

    The information came from a transcript of an official police interview with Rois on November 10, it said.

    Rois told police: "According to Dr Azahari's explanation to me at the time, the funds came from Osama bin Laden, and they were sent by a courier, but he didn't say the name, or when he received it."

    Rois said Australia was targeted because its government supported the US in Iraq, the paper reported.

    "The intention to bomb the Australian embassy was because the Australian government is the American lackey most active in supporting American policies to slaughter Muslims in Iraq," Rois told police.

    "It had the aim of preventing Australia again leaning on Muslims, especially in Iraq."

    Eleven people - including the suicide bomber - were killed, and dozens more wounded, when a car bomb exploded outside the gates of the Australian embassy on September 9.

    Rois, who denies being a member of the Islamic extremist group Jemaah Islamiah (JI), is standing trial on terrorism charges.

    He told police a co-conspirator, Noordin Mohammed Top, hatched the plan to attack the Australian embassy, The Australian said.

    Noordin and Azahari - who are wanted in connection with the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians - planned further attacks in Jakarta, Rois told police.

    Rois's claim about bin Laden indicates that he kept up direct contact with Indonesian operatives after Hambali, the link between al-Qaeda and JI, was arrested in 2003, the paper said.

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