Oh JonnoH, you just don't get it!Are you a trustee of a SMSF...

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    Oh JonnoH, you just don't get it!

    Are you a trustee of a SMSF ?

    why do you think the PBO, Treasury and Rice Warner pretty much all agree with savings even while taking into account behavioural changes

    Because they have no idea about SMSF strategies or behavior.
    Even the ATO don't know what we will do as our documented strategy is not lodged with the ATO (or anyone else)

    All SMSF's will have their own strategies, but be assured they will have a strategy as it is required to run a SMSF and it must be reviewed regularly.

    As prudent trustees, I would expect SMSF's to either sell down ASX franked companies or add new members in accumulation mode, if the ALP proposal became law.

    There are also other strategies, and I would doubt the ALP proposal would even raise 1/2 of what they project.

    The best approach by the ALP (if it forms Government and gets the legislation through the Senate) for AUSTRALIA, is to collect the funds before spending them, otherwise the debt will increase.

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