Bill Leak death threats - people laughed

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    Bill Leak has just appeared on the Bolt show on Skynews. He said that he had received death threats after he draw a picture of Mohammed at the time of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. He was forced to move house because of the threats.

    Bolt has also had to move his family, by the way. Leak said that when he told people about this awful situation, many of them laughed. He was kind enough to forgive them by implying they really did not know how to react.

    The next time Leak covered Mohammed with a burka but it had beard hair poking out of the mesh in front of the face.

    He made a strong point that in the past Australians could make fun of any topic. Now that is not possible. Threats from minority groups and rampant political correctness is reducing our freedom of speech. Leak says we must fight this not laugh at it.

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