Look, the world is not a perfect world.If the powers that be ,...

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    Look, the world is not a perfect world.
    If the powers that be , political/financial can work the oracle and get a genuine EV car plant up and running here in Oz,the possibilities are almost endless IMO.
    I draw your attention to the likes of quickstep holdings ( ASX listed ) and a division of Mineral resources (MIS carbonart ), they are composite manufacturers , there's potential for wide ranging local technology to leverage off existing capabilities to fully contribute to a local EV manufacturing industry.
    Dear I say it , potentially even electricity storage in the EV ,perhaps a hybrid storage system involving a Li-on battery and graphene supercapacitors .

    Given we are committed to spending $ 500 billion on a submarine programme , with a dubious outcome attached to it , what could we produce in the EV space for the same amount of money?
    Australia and by extension Western Australia may well be a resource country/ state , but we are yet to tap our greatest resource , our intellectual capabilities , its about time we started IMO.

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